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Delivering state-of-the-art fraud protection.

NAB Velocity's multi-layered approach to payment processing security is designed to provide your business additional protection from sophisticated hackers who aim to undermine the success of your business.

EMV Capable

Protecting businesses against fraud.

A powerful component to securing your business from a data breach and protecting your customer's card data against fraud.

  • Terminal solutions enable POS systems to accept EMV payments.
  • Enables merchants to meet new EMV card acceptance requirements.
  • Protects business against fraud liability.

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Protect cardholder data at the swipe of a card.

The Velocity Decryption Service is a true agnostic service, both at the acquirer and device level.

  • Ideal technology for POS 2.0 developers.
  • Reduce scope and risk of unauthorized interception of cardholder data-in-motion during the transmission from the POS terminal to the payment processor.
  • Encrypts all sensitive data at the point of interaction (POI).
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Fraud Prevention

Prevent fraud at every transaction before it occurs.

Velocity has teamed up with Fraud Prevention Service Providers to offer inline value-added security service.

  • Real-time scans and analysis.
  • State-of-the-art fraud screening solutions for peace of mind and speed to market.
  • Implementation timelines for Card Not Present app developers.


Protecting cardholder account data onsite.

A best practice security measure that exchanges payment data in return for a random character string or "token".

  • Reduces the complexity, time, and costs with protecting cardholder data.
  • Perform all transaction payment processing services against global tokens.
  • Includes authorizations, refunds, recurring billing and wallet use cases.

PCI Certified Vault

Meeting and exceeding PCI Compliance.

Your customers are protected from theft and your PCI footprint is removed.

  • Level 1 PCI Compliant environment.
  • State-of-the-art data center.
  • Card numbers are encrypted through our proprietary technology.

Let us help you secure and protect your business future.