Payment API

Simple. Efficient.

Robust APIs for innovative applications and payment solutions.

Software companies choosing the Velocity API integration method will experience how easily complex workflows and features are supported. Seamlessly implement host or terminal capture workflows. Easily execute advanced features including managed billing and secure authentication and quickly access multiple payment types, including: credit, debit, EBT, gift, and ACH, through one simple API.

Payment Processing APIs

Velocity APIs opens the door for object oriented and scripting languages (Java, PHP, Ruby, Perl, etc.) to integrate with the Velocity platform with simplicity, including SOAP and REST implementation options.


Transaction Management APIs

The Transaction Management Service is a data service that eliminates the need for your application to store data locally by providing access to merchant transaction data for transaction reporting purposes.


API Libraries & SDKs

Our core APIs are simple, but there are also pre-built libraries for interacting with the Velocity platform based on the preference of the developer. We support all languages including Java to Ruby.


Seamlessly Add Mobile Payments

Velocity offers native iOS and Android libraries that convert mobile apps to commerce and mPOS solutions.
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Secure Hosted Payments

Let Velocity take care of the compliance and payment processing, and you can handle the user experience. Velocity offers two Hosted Checkout solutions. The Velocity Hosted Payments Form solution gives you control over every aspect of the user experience. The Velocity Direct Post solution handles the form design for you, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into your existing site so that the user never feels like they left your site.

Hosted Form Direct Post

Have a complex problem? Velocity offers a simple solutions.