Payment Gateway

Top-notch service from world-class providers.

Access to an ecosystem of world-class payment service providers.

An omnichannel platform that delivers innovative payments technologies to meet a wide range of point of purchase needs for any industry. Engineering that enables merchants to accept and manage payments, mitigate fraud and secure payment data all through an enhanced user experience.

Payment Services

Velocity provides single integration access to a wide array of payment services—including:

  • Credit, debit, and EBT card processing
  • ACH/ electronic check processing
  • Stored Value processing
  • Comprehensive Security Suite
  • Level 2/3 and IIAS data processing
  • Auto Settlement Hourly

Leverage any of the payment services from NAB Velocity's Platform partners.

  • Single integration includes multiple services and providers.
  • Greatly reduce the time and expense of initial development.
  • Hassle-free integration for future updates.
  • Minimal to no application changes for new services.

Innovate by Vertical

Easily combine transaction services, value-added security capabilities, and data services into rich vertical bundles. Velocity APIs simplify the delivery of multi-service offerings and enable you to create intelligent multi-touchpoint solutions.

Leverage our growing library of ready-to-use services, snap-in modules, and business rules by incorporating them into your existing workflow to create more robust solutions with minimal development time.

NAB Velocity offers Retail Vertical Bundle


NAB Velocity offers Restaurant Vertical Bundle


NAB Velocity offers Back Office Vertical Bundle

Back Office

NAB Velocity offers eCommerce Vertical Bundle


NAB Velocity offers Multi-Solution Vertical Bundle


NAB Velocity offers Mobile Vertical Bundle


API Integration

Robust API's and consumable SDK's for innovative applications and payments solutions.


Vertical bundles that help you turn development into true innovation.