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As data breaches and identity theft become more and and more common, the importance of safeguarding sensitive cardholder data through the swift adoption of EMV or “chip card” technology cannot be overstated. There is no question that EMV cards provide more thorough authentication and safer and more secure transactions. That being said, getting your POS or payment acceptance solution EMV-certified can be a long and arduous process. Luckily, NAB Velocity can get you certified in a snap with EMV123.

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Provides a seamless transition to our VAR partners into EMV acceptance.

Removes the guesswork from certification testing.

Certified by all the major card brands.

Eliminates the need for you to have to deal with the major card brands individually.

Significantly reduces the time it takes for you to become EMV-certified.

Significantly reduces the time it takes your EMV-ready solution to reach the market.

Let EMV123 guide you through the entire certification process.

At NAB Velocity, we make EMV certification testing quick, efficient, and painless! Every aspect of EMV123 has been designed not just to get your EMV-ready solution to market quickly, but to allow you to bring it to market confidently—knowing that it has undergone the most rigorous testing possible including a full range authorization and response scenarios.

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