EMV Plug-in for Microsoft Dynamics RMS
and Retail Management Hero (RMH)

The Semi-Integrated (VSI) RMS & RMH Plugins — only from NAB Velocity

NAB Velocity has once again expanded its semi-integrated payment processing solutions to offer merchants swift EMV adoption via plug-in support for both Microsoft Dynamics RMS and RMH.

RMS Installation Guide RMH Installation Guide


  • Supports Microsoft Dynamics RMS 2.0 and RMH 3.0
  • Authorization and settlement of all major credit and debit card transactions within the RMS and RMH applications
  • A wide array of entry modes including EMV, swipe, manual, and PIN Debit
  • Layered approach to security via authentication, as well as point-to-point encryption and Tokenization
  • Provides real-time, sophisticated browser-based archival capabilities via The Velocity Virtual Terminal
  • Certified for EMV on the following Ingenico Telium Terminals:
    • ICT 220/250
    • ISC 250/480
    • IPP 320/350
    • IWL 228/258

Benefits of Our Semi-Integrated Plug-In

Direct Integration

Offer seamless transaction processing in Retail and Mail Order/Telephone Order markets with direct integration to Microsoft Dynamics RMS or RMH.

EMV Enabled

Reduces merchant liability with EMV enablement and remote database storage.

Less Lookup Time

Reduces or eliminates the need for time-consuming, manual transaction lookups.

Capture and Pass Data

Achieve the best Interchange rates via the ability to capture and pass Level 2 and 3 data as well as basic cardholder authentication including AVS and CVV.

Safeguard Information

Leverage secure, industry-proven encryption and security protocols to safeguard sensitive cardholder information.

Multiple Payment Device Support

Provide more best of breed payment devices to better fit merchant needs including multi-purpose, customer-facing terminals.

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