Authorize.Net Gateway Emulator

For Unsupported Carts, Velocity offers an emulator solution.

The Velocity Authorize.Net Emulator allows merchants to use the Authorize.Net payment module that is available in most third party shopping carts. Simply change the ‘POST To’ URL within the Authorize.Net payment module to point to Velocity’s gateway and your account will be up and running within a few minutes.

How To Setup?

Velocity supports third party shopping carts that conform to the SIM API method.

1. URL

Locate the Authorize.Net SIM Payment module in your shopping cart and change the ‘POST TO’ URL to our Gateway Emulator URL. Depending on the shopping cart and it’s payment module, you may need to change the ‘POST TO’ URL in 1, 2 or 3 places.

2. Admin Settings

Login to your Admin Panel and open the ‘Payment Methods’ setting for Authorize.Net. Once you get to the settings you can enter the following information:

  • API Login ID: Velocity Merchant Profile ID
  • Transaction Key: Velocity Service ID
  • MD5 Hash: The word "gateway" without the marks
  • Authorize or Capture: We recommend you select Authorize and Capture. If you select Authorize only, you will need to login to the Virtual Terminal and capture each transaction separately.

3. Validating

Our emulator has been proven to work with Ecwid. For testing, you can use the following credentials against our test environment with your shopping cart.

For additional support, please submit a support case.