Direct Post

Direct Post

With Velocity's Direct Post solution, merchants can easily process credit card transactions on their own website to maintain the look and feel of their brand.

Velocity also supports merchants that want to build the whole payment form and user experience themselves, while retaining the best-in-payment security through our Direct Post checkout solution.

Our Direct Post solution is a transparent redirect or direct post offering that provides the merchant with simple payment gateway integration and the same level of PCI-DSS scope reduction as the Hosted Payments Form checkout solution—but with the added benefit of greater control over the application, website and branding experience to the rest of their site.

The process involves the merchant's web infrastructure serving up a payment page, including the fields to capture payment sensitive data. However, these fields are set to POST the credit card data directly to the Velocity payment gateway, bypassing the merchant's infrastructure. This option is great for merchants who are a little more tech savvy and are seeking full control of the buying experience for their customers.


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