Digital Wallet

The convenience of 1-click checkout

Reduce friction and abandonment at checkout and provide customers a swift, seamless, consistent checkout experience across all devices with digital wallets.

Grow online sales and lower your cost of payment acceptance with MasterCard MasterPass and Visa Checkout, available in Velocity's secure Hosted Payments Form

Digital Wallet

MasterPass Checkout Services and Visa Checkout provide merchants a faster consistent way of accepting electronic payments, regardless of the consumer's location in-store and online. Both are designed to simplify the checkout experience using a secure, single sign-on across channels and devices. Card details and address information of the cardholder are stored in the cloud.

Both offer the following services:

  • Storing Debit and Credit Cards
  • Managing a Loyalty Program
  • Cross Device/ Platform
  • 3D Secure authentication protocol
  • Supports in-store proximity payment technologies (NFC, QR Code)

Add MasterPass and VisaCheckout to your online experience today
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