Apple Pay™

Simplify the checkout experience.

Easily integrate Apple Pay into your payment options.

The Velocity Gateway is now compatible with Apple Pay and can be easily integrated for all transactions. This innovative way to pay allows customers to use their iOS apps, Apple Watch, and compatible devices at any merchant that accepts these in-store and in-app payments.

Benefits for merchants:

  • Tap into millions of iOS users.
  • Single-touch alternative to credit card forms.
  • Added security of customer’s using their Touch ID verification or passcode.

For a complete guide on how to get started with Apple Pay:

Apple Pay and Velocity Guide

Integration of Apple Pay

For merchants currently using the Velocity Gateway adding Apple Pay to their acceptable payment options is simple. We can provide a few lines of code needed to complete this integration. Not currently utilizing the Velocity Gateway? We can help!

Token Payment

Velocity is well equipped to handle the tokenized nature of Apple Pay transactions. It offers both merchant and customer a reduced risk of fraud and simplifies the checkout process for all involved.

Customer Setup

Customers need to add their credit and debit cards to their ‘Wallet’ on their compatible Apple device and follow the prompts. Once the patron is ready, all they have to do is hold their device to the contactless credit card reader, beginning the transaction process. The customer authenticates the purchase by entering their passcode or using the optional iPhone’s Touch ID, or double click the side button on Apple Watch and uses their active default card to complete the sale.

We can help you get started with Apple Pay.

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