Capable and Enabled

We offer the only free, integrated EMV merchandise option in the industry.

Differentiate your business from all of the noise with the industry’s only semi-integrated EMV solution at no cost to you or your customer!*

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As an integrated partner with Velocity, you’ll gain access to Ingenico’s Telium 2 series of products that are programmed with our fully-certified EMV app as an add-on to your current POS for a semi-integrated solution—absolutely free!*

Your merchants’ peace of mind is top of mind as our technology eliminates sensitive cardholder data from the POS. This semi-integrated EMV solution will allow merchants to perform EMV transactions on the first day they use their new, free* Ingenico iCT 220 terminal.

* All free equipment requires a merchant services agreement through NAB Velocity.

Free Ingenico iCT 220 terminal | No additional EMV transaction fees | No gateway charges


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