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Decrease Decline Rates and Enhance the Customer Experience with Auto Account Updater.

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Did you know


of consumers use automatic payments or have card-on-file payment arrangements?

Yet, every year, a full


of those card accounts incur a change to the account number or expiration date, or are simply closed.

Unfortunately, customers don’t always remember to update their account info with every single merchant when they get a new card. That can lead to customers’ cards being declined and in some cases, unhappy customers cancelling their accounts.

Luckily, there’s Auto Account Updater (AAU) — powered by North American Bancard and our own, proprietary, in-house processor, Electronic Payment Exchange. AAU allows for a safe and secure electronic exchange of payment account updates between the processor and enrolled merchants/integrators, including those for:

New account numbers.

New expiration dates.

Closed or cancelled accounts.

Contact cardholder advice.

With Auto Account Updater, Everybody Wins

Value for Integrators:

  • Provides integrators with a value-added service to offer merchants.
  • Strengthens merchant relationships by reducing declines due to outdated information.
  • Supports both full-scale portfolio conversions and (via batch files) large-scale updates.

Value for Merchants:

  • Simplifies card-on-file transactions while reducing service cancellations.
  • Strengthens customer relationships by reducing declines and increasing recurring/card-on-file approvals.
  • Reduces costs associated with obtaining updated information.

Value for Cardholders:

  • Maintains continuity of scheduled payments.
  • Helps avoid disruption in on-file payments.

In fact, according to Visa, a full 96% of cardholders felt their bank saved them time by providing automatic updates.

Auto Account Updater

Avoid disruption in customer relationships and recurring payments due to account information changes with Auto Account Updater.

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