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Combined with Velocity's industry leading service, Splitit provides your merchants with an easy, fast and no-risk way to offer their customers interest free monthly payments on the Visa and MasterCard credit cards they already have in their wallets.

What's in it for you:

Designed to help ecommerce and brick and mortar merchants grow their business, Splitit improves merchant acquisition and retention as well as generates more credit card transactions. Merchants simply and easily integrate with Splitit and all data is stored in the cloud and accessed via a dedicated merchant portal.

How does it work:

  • A $1,000 purchase split into 10 payments will be paid off in $100 monthly payments for 10 months.
  • The customer's credit card will be authorized for $1000 and their credit line held for the entire amount of the purchase.
  • Each month the payment amount is charged to the customer's credit card and the hold on the card reduced by $100.
  • Each month the interest-free monthly payment will appear on the customer's regular credit card statement under the merchant's name.

What merchants will love:

  1. Increased sales – Alternative payment solutions like Splitit are proven to increase sales, as customers find the best way for pay for their purchases.
  2. Increased conversion rates – With no need to apply for additional credit and interest-free payments, purchase decisions are easier and faster.
  3. Higher average ticket sales – With Splitit, shoppers have better control of their monthly cash flow and can buy more of the things they need and want.
  4. A better alternative to discounts and promotions - Merchants don't need to rely on sales to sell more products.
  5. Stronger brand value – Customers appreciate merchants that provide efficient and effective ways to pay for their purchases.

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Second Tuesday of every month at 1pm EST

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For teleconference please dial in 646.307.1990 code 830-161-745#

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