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iPad + Cloud based POS and business management solution

Run your entire organization with SalesVu. We have all the tools that you need and they are fully integrated!

Industry Segments product covers

Restaurant & Bar:
(Quick Serve and Full Service Restaurants, bars, breweries, tap rooms, wine tasting, etc.)

Professional Services:
(Spas, Salon / Barbershop, massage, nails, waxing/sugaring, etc.)

  • Operating Systems/ Platforms:
    (iOS for POS app, back-end is cloud based and accessed via web portal)
  • Software:
    License, Subscription or Pay as you go?

(Various small retail, boutique merchants, vape shops, etc.)

Month to month agreement. No contract.

  • Hardware: Free, Lease or Buy?
    Merchants buy their own hardware (iPad + stand + cash drawer + printer. Processor provides payment device). Processing partners may also lease hardware to merchants.

What's in it for the Agent:

  • 3 month of SaaS per inbound lead as commission (average subscription is $100/month which results is an average of $300 in commission per sale)
  • All SalesVu needs is a warm referral to someone who wants an integrated POS solution. Rep books a demo for the merchant, SalesVu handles the demo remotely, builds menu/ product list for merchant, and assists merchant with install, then makes sure rep gets credit for the processing. Its that simple.

Merchants will love:

  • Easy to use system. Limited or no training required to use it.
  • Modular functionality. They pay only for the functionality they need, and can add or subtract modules at any time as their business needs change.
  • Market leading pricing. Compared to any other POS solution, our pricing is the best for similar functionality.
    • Business Features/ Needs Keywords (ie. Quickbooks, Multi-Tax, Gift Card Support, Inventory etc.

All of the above + commissions calculation, inventory transfer, multi-location management, Employee scheduling / access management, marketing automation appointment scheduling with online booking, Facebook store and or Web store both tying in with inventory and merchant account. Branded app available in iOS or Android store.

Additional Materials:

Basic Restaurant Bundle Demo

Basic Retail Bundle Demo

Branded App Whiteboard Video

Intro to SalesVu Whiteboard Video

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