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retailcloud is a Windows and Android enabled, cloud-based point of sale solution that's easy and inexpensive for small businesses to use, available using mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

We provide retailers a way to increase sales, better manage inventory, collect valuable data on the shopping habits of their customers and much more. The system is scalable and grows with your business. Software updates are provided as new features and enhancements are available. retailcloud offers consumerized "easy to implement" solutions that change the way that small merchants operate their business so profoundly that you can't imagine going back to the old way.

Access to these types of solutions, allow small and mid sized retailers to focus on what they do best: grow sales by building great customer relationships and creating awesome customer experiences.

Industry Segments product covers:

  • Retail
  • Fashion (Clothing, Footwear)
  • QSR & Casual Dining, Liquor/Vape
  • Pet Stores
  • Convenience & Grocery Stores
  • Salons & Spas
  • Venues, Arenas & Stadiums

Operating Systems/ Platforms :

  • Windows (Retail)
  • Android (Retail & QSR)

Software License

  • One time programs
  • Subscriptions
    • Everyday POS $0/month/POS (max 3)
    • Grow POS $30/month/POS
    • Pro POS $60/month/POS


  • Purchase and Lease Programs available

What's in it for the agent/ reseller?

  1. 3 Level of Program
  2. Up to 30% Gross revenue share on all Hardware and Software Sales (Software rev share based on total billable accounts, hardware based on monthly sales)

What merchants will love?

  1. Unlimited transaction, Unlimited items, Fast reliable simple to use yet powerful
  2. Access to Omnichannel & Integrated Solution ( POS, eCommerce, Social Commerce, Apps )
  3. Easy to Implement Solution.
  4. US Business Direct ( Cashier - Tech) Chat Support

Business Features

  • Android and Windows
  • Unified Commerce
  • Quickbooks Online
  • Offline Transactions.
  • Multi Tax
  • Gift Card
  • Support
  • Inventory Management
  • Email Marketing
  • CRM
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Unlimited Promotions, Discounts & Coupons
  • Digital Receipts
  • Prepackaged reporting
  • Start anywhere and finish anywhere
  • Receiving, Transfers & Write-offs
  • Multi POS, Multi Store, Multi Region
  • Barcode Printing
  • Marketing Programs for Store & Customers
  • Time & Attendance
  • Loyalty
  • Price Matrix
  • Multi Prep Station Printers
  • Seat and Table Ordering
  • Split Checks
  • Ingredient Level cost tracking
  • Layaway
  • Club Pricing
  • Purchase Orders
  • Upsell Recommendations
  • Predictive Reordering
  • ecommerce integration
  • API
  • Always On (Offline)

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