Partners & Services


  • Quick service restaurants (QSR), Full service restaurants (FSR), Juice bars, Food trucks, Pizza shops, Stadiums/Amphitheaters Concession stands, Bakeries, Bars, Night Clubs, and Cafeterias.
  • POS (Android)
  • Standalone Online Ordering (IOS/ Android)
  • Delivery Driver Apps (IOS/ Android)
  • Subscription-based, Month-to-Month, Pay-as-You-Go, NO Contract
  • Lease or Buy (POS Hardware)
  • POS Hardware Certifications: Casio, Sams4, Samsung, Poindus, PartnerTech, Wintec, Bematec, Star Micronics, SNBC (CRS), APG and PAX

What's in it for the Agent?

  • 100% of the Credit Card Processing Revenue
  • 25% of the Monthly POS Plan
  • 10% of the Hardware sold
  • Branded Micro Website
  • Branded Sales Brochures
  • POS Demo License
  • Product Training

What merchant will love:

  • Web Admin Portal
  • Integrated Website Online Ordering
  • Integrated Facebook Online Ordering
  • Delivery Driver and Order Management App
  • Text Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • EMV Tip Adjust
  • Apple Pay/ Samsung Pay/ Google Pay
  • Coupon Module
  • Waiter/Server POS Tablet App
  • Integrated Gift Card
  • Integrated Loyalty
  • Off-line Transactions

Demos and Guides

Red Fox POS Stand Alone Restaurant Online Ordering platform, with Facebook and Web Site Integrations

Red Fox POS QSR and Full Service Restaurant Demo

Click a Waiter / Red Fox POS (WEB ORDERING DEMO)

RedFoxPOS Sales Tool Video

47 POS Station Install