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Nobly POS has created a next generation iPad based, easy to use point of sale system. The feature set allows merchants to set up shop in minutes, without expensive onboarding and support contracts.

Their integrated payment solution connects to EMV/PDQ terminals, swipe card readers, Apple pay readers, and other mobile payment solutions in over 25 countries, allowing merchants to seamlessly accept both cards and alternative card payments, wherever they are.

What's in it for you:

  • Profit Share: 30% profit share on the life of a contract paid quarterly
  • A team ready to support you to convert prospects into customers
  • A solution with features ideal for multi-location operation

What merchants will love:

  • Solution packed with great features: Intelligent reporting, inventory management, accounting integration, and so much more!
  • Solution that is next-gen payment ready
  • Dedicated Account Manager + online knowledge base ready to help them get started and keep running


Software only:

  • Yearly: $29 per month, for 12 months pre-pay
  • Monthly: $49 per month no contract required

Hardware bundles:

  • 2 year contract required, with no upfront cost beyond first month payment
  • Hardware Bundle Deal; access for 1 register, Cash Drawer, POWAPoS iPad Stand with integrated printer, EMV ready Card Reader, $50,000 in waived transaction fees
  • Add an iPad to the bundle price for an additional $19 per month

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