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Link and sync QuickBooks® in REAL TIME

Sales receipts, invoices, payments, refunds, returns, customers, products and inventory

What's in it for you:

myOmny POS integrates in real-time with QuickBooks Online

  • It is a revolutionary technology in the marketplace
  • It gives you and your team a competitive advantage over the competition
  • It creates "stickiness" for your merchants so they stay with you longer

What your merchants will love:

myOmny POS integrates in real-time with QuickBooks Online.

This means that all:

  • customers
  • products
  • services
  • invoices
  • sales receipts
  • returns / voids
  • invoices
  • inventory
  • …are always up to date.

All of this is automatically updated in QuickBooks and myOmny in real-time.

No additional work has to be done by the small business owner to ensure that all transactions that take place either in the back office or in the store are in sync.

Business owners can manage their business:

  • From any browser (or from smart phone app) … minute-by-minute
  • Instead of wasting time and resources on transferring and/or reconciling sales and inventory information with QuickBooks
  • Saving them THOUSANDS of dollars per year

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