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HotSauce Technologies has been one of the leading POS system providers for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs since 1998. We develop, sell, and support solutions that are tailored to these distinct business needs. Tier 1 POS for Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs and Retail.

What's in it for you:

You Just Sell It

HotSauce will take care of the rest, from configuration and set up to ongoing support and upgrades. The NAB-HotSauce partnership has created an easy program for our ISOs to offer a world class POS.

Growing Revenue Streams

With HotSauce, the robust income does not stop with the services you initially board. As merchants continue to add other monthly services, our ISOs will receive those added residuals, regardless of whether the merchant signs up with the ISO or HotSauce.

It's Your Reputation

HotSauce understands that it is your reputation at stake. From the hands on implementation approach, to the dedicated technical support center, the HotSauce-NAB program was designed to make our ISOs look good.

What merchants will love:

Simple, Powerful, and Affordable

Your merchants want the best, but of course, cost is an issue. The HotSauce subscription program allows the merchant to have a sophisticated, yet user friendly POS system; all at an affordable monthly price.

All About the Merchant Experience

The POS system is a serious investment. With the HotSauce Program, the merchant no longer has to choose between quality and price. This is the only subscription program on the market were the merchant has a dedicated project manager throughout the entire implementation process.

Continuous Support and Upgrades

Never get dinged with upgrade or support invoices again. The merchants' monthly subscription price includes all support and future upgrades, so they can operate their business with ease.

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