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Velocity API Docs provides software companies and developers with comprehensive API documentation for the integration of payment processing functionality and value-added services enabled by the Velocity Managed Commerce Services Platform supporting Retail, eCommerce, Mobile, and Back Office payment solutions.

Sign-On Authentication

The SignOnWithToken/SignOn operations facilitate the authentication of identity tokens and the issuance of session tokens during application sign-on.

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Authorizing Transactions

The Authorize operation is used to authorize transactions by performing a check on cardholder's funds and reserves the authorization amount if sufficient funds are available.

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Adjusting and Voiding Transactions

The Adjust operation is used to make adjustments to a previously authorized amount (incremental or reversal) prior to capture and settlement.

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Capturing Transactions for Settlement

The following operations are used for the capture and settlement of transactions for both SOAP and REST implementations.

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Refunding Transactions

The ReturnById operation is used to perform a linked credit to a cardholder’s account from the merchant’s account based on a previously authorized and settled transaction.

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Transaction Management Implementation

The following operations are available in the Transaction Management API for both SOAP and REST implementations. Provides read-only access to merchant transaction data stored in the Commerce Web Services (CWS) transaction database.

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API Reference

The CWS Developer API Reference provides useful information regarding the data elements and their parameters, including data types and usage requirements associated with the Commerce Web Services (CWS) SOAP and REST APIs. In addition, an enumeration and fault reference have been provided.

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