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Fault Reference

The table below lists all the faults (and associated descriptions) that may be thrown by Transaction Management operations (SOAP/REST).

Fault Code Fault Name Description
506 TMSInvalidMessageFormatFault   
517 TMSOperationNotSupportedFault Indicates that an unsupported operation is being attempted.
518 TMSTransactionFailedFault General exception for user errors. The error message indicates what the user should do before trying again.
525 TMSValidationResultFault Contains a collection of one or more XML error messages in TMSValidationErrorFault. The application should respond to these validation errors and correct the data being sent in.
TMSValidationErrorFault child elements:

  • ErrorType – Indicates the type of error.
  • RuleKey – Indicates the data rule that failed.
  • RuleLocationKey – Indicates where the data rule failed.
  • RuleMessage – The verbose message that describes the failure. Do not put stack traces here; use the logger.
9999 TMSUnavailableFault Indicates that the Transaction Management Service is temporary unavailable. The client application should retry the transaction.
Secure Token Service (STS) Faults
406 AuthenticationFault Indicates a user name/password authentication fault. For token authentication, indicates the token passed b64 decode, XML validation, and SAML validation, but failed a security policy requirement. May also indicate an invalid username and/or password.
5000 ExpiredTokenFault (TMSUnknownServiceKeyFault) The identity token or session token has expired. For expired identity tokens, contact NAB Velocity Support to renew. For expired session tokens, the application should automatically invoke the SignOnWithToken operation and pass a valid identity token to retrieve a new session token.
5005 InvalidTokenFault The identityToken and/or externalToken is invalid according to the validation procedure. This could be due to the token content being altered after issuance or the key pair used to sign the token is not available for verification.

Updated: June 2, 2017

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