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Apple Pay and Velocity

Apple Pay is a secure and simple way to accept and process in-app payments from customers using an iOS device running iOS 8.1 or later, as well as a MAC with Xcode 6.1 or new installed.

In order to support Apple Pay within your app, you need to register a merchant ID and add the necessary entitlements to your application with Apple.

The following steps are how you enable Apple Pay with the Velocity platform:

  1. Obtaining an Apple Merchant ID
  2. Obtaining a CSR (certificate signing request) from Velocity.
  3. Submitting the CSR File to Apple
  4. Convey the certificate to Velocity
  5. Using Apple Pay

Obtaining an Apple Merchant ID

In order to get registered for an Apple Merchant ID, you will need to navigate to the Certificates, Identifiers, and Profiles area of the Member Center at the Apple World Wide Developer Relations (WWDR) web site.

Fill out the form with a description and identifier. The description is for your information only and can be changed at a later time. The identifier will be your Merchant ID and must be unique across all apps. Once created, this can’t be changed.

Obtaining a CSR from Velocity

You will need to reach out to to request a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) be generated. A CSR must be submitted to Apple to receive a necessary payment entitlement certificate. Please provide your Apple Merchant ID and your Velocity Service Key in the request.

The Apple Merchant ID that you submit should be identical to the one that you created at the Apple site.

The Velocity Service Key is a unique identifier that is assigned to developers who have opened a project with Velocity to certify their application.

Submitting the CSR File to Apple

In order to receive the required payment entitlement certificate, you will need to submit the CSR to Apple. Navigate to Certificates, Identifiers, & Profiles area of Member Center in Apple WWDR web site, and select edit in the Merchant ID page. Select Create Certificate in the iOS Merchant ID Settings page, and follow instructions to submit CSR.

Convey certificate to Velocity

Once you have successfully submitted your CSR, you will see a success page, with an option to download the certificate. Finally, submit the certificate to Velocity at along with your Apple Merchant ID and your Velocity Service Key.

Using Apple Pay

Now you are ready to accept payments with Apple Pay and Velocity, integration requires a Apple Pay VAS-enabled workflowid that must be passwed with each Commerce Web Services (CWS) transaction request. The workflowid is returned to the application in the response to the GetServiceInformation call during the Preparing the Application to Transaction process of the CWS integration.

Apple Pay VAS Requirements

Service Overview

Apple Pay Value Added Service provides a secure and simple way to accept and process in-app payments throughout the entire Commerce Web Services (CWS) transaction lifecycle. The VAS integrates directly to the Service to decrypt and process the PKPaymentRequest.

Bankcard Processing (BCP) Support Credit
Supported Industries Retail and Restaurant


Credit Processing

Supported CWS Transaction Processing Operations:

  • Authorize
  • AuthorizeAndCapture

Required Data Elements

CWS Data Element Common Device Field Name Field Name Description
TransactionTenderData.ENcruptionKeyID Always set to “Apple_Pay”. Value does not come from the device    
TransactionTenderData.SecurePaymentAccountData ‘Track 2 encrypted data’, ‘Track 2 Encrypted’, ‘PAN encrypted’ PKPaymentRequest Encrypted Token Data returned by the device.

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Updated: June 1, 2017

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