Case Study

Touchpoint and Black Rock Coffee Bar

The Challenge

Preparing for 2015 Black Rock faced several major issues:

  • Improve service times and throughput, with greater order accuracy
  • Launch a full mobile order & pay solution for their young and tech savvy customer base
  • Replace their multiple POS systems with one platform that offered excellent multi-store data and reporting for headquarters and was intuitive for new franchisees

The Touchpoint Solution

By choosing Touchpoint, Black Rock gained one of the most innovative mobile order and payment solution in the market. With the use of Touchpoint, they made rapid franchise expansion possible and gained the multi-store reporting they needed to support this expansion.

The mobile solution delivers what customers want: the system uses geo-fencing to suggest an order and with a single tap the customer confirms. Touchpoint then calibrates arrival time considering traffic and in-store orders to ensure the order is ready just in time for arrival. No wonder Black Rock has a larger percentage of morning mobile orders than any other coffee chain.

Faster Service Time, Greater Accuracy

Baristas initially questioned the need for a kitchen display system, but the touchscreen KDS proved a substantial boost in productivity. By automatically prioritizing orders from drive-through, in-store and mobile, order prep was faster and more accurate. Headquarters also got the multi-store data needed to manage the day-to-day operations and plan for even more growth in the future. Best practices were identified and shared so workflow improved on tens of thousands of transactions per week, increasing sales momentum, customer satisfaction and staff morale.

Velocity Enables Mobile Payment

With the decision to deploy the Touchpoint solution throughout the chain it became evident that the current payment processor couldn’t support the tokenization necessary for a mobile payment solution. Touchpoint turned to the team at Velocity who understood te both the merchant needs for and the technical requirements of a mobile payment solutionwhich offered full support of global tokenization. With Velocity, the implementation of a customer mobile payment solution has beenseamless across all Black Rock stores.

Merchant Experience

“Touchpoint was the only vendor who delivered the platform we needed to expand our chain, increase efficiency in the store and give our customers a magical mobile experience. We’re opening new stores rapidly and Velocity has been great about quickly onboarding all of our new franchisees and they’ve been really responsive when we have any questions or issues,” says Jeff Hernandez, Black Rock owner.

Partner Experience

“Our team works seamless with the folks at Velocity, whether it’s onboarding a new store, talking through roadmaps with engineering or responding to a customer’s need. With Velocity we’re confident our customers are getting not only a great payment product but also excellent customer support,” Israel L’Heureux, CEO, Touchpoint.

Partner Profile

Black Rock Coffee Bar cares most about people and great coffee. Every store is passionate about affecting their local neighborhood in a positive way. Black Rock Coffee Bar has 25 locations, is growing by 50% this year and has no plans to slow down.

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