Encryption at the Point of Interaction

P2PE gives both merchants and cardholders peace of mind.

When merchants accept payments, there is a risk of data theft introduced. Compromised data can lead to devastating losses for the merchant both financially and to their brand, as well as to the consumers. With the right security measures in place such as P2PE, a merchant can make sure their investment is protected.

What Is It?

Point-to-Point encryption (P2PE), is an advanced security tool supported by the Velocity Gateway that instantaneously converts sensitive cardholder data into indecipherable code at the point of interaction (POI). The card data is encrypted from the moment the card is swiped, while the data is in transit, all the way to authorization.

The Velocity Gateway’s support of P2PE is both agnostic to hardware and processor.

This visual gives you a quick look at how P2PE works:

P2PE Encyptionn Diagram - How P2PE Works

Benefits of P2PE

Customer Benefits

P2PE significantly reduces the risk of credit card fraud by instantaneously encrypting confidential cardholder data at the moment a credit card is swiped.

Merchant Benefits

P2PE significantly facilitates merchant responsibilities:

  • Increase payment security at the point of swipe or entry to authorization
  • Improve customer confidence and build a reputable business
  • Reduce PCI scope and significantly save on costly annual audits.

Vulnerabilities that EMV doesn’t address

EMV is a vast improvement over basic security that is inherent to the decades-old technology of magnetic stripe cards, but is fundamentally designed as an authentication technology rather than a data security technology. The implementation of EMV alone does not protect the entire payment transaction process.

In particular, the key areas of vulnerability in the payments process that EMV does not address:

  • Point of card insertion or tap, when the card data is transmitted in the clear to the processor or is later stored by the merchant post authorization
  • Other transactions where the chip enabled card is not eligible or present


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